Over the past few weeks we have been taking photographs of our metallic red “X” all across the McAllen area, showing off some of the things that we think define our area.

From the back of McAllen’s new Bike Share program::

The the streets at ground zero for the immigration crisis in front of Sacred Heart Church:

To high above one of the main arteries that define our area:

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Now, it’s your turn to show us what McAllen means to you.

We want you to print out the following image (click here to get a full-size copy PDF):



So, How Do You Win Tickets?

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be keeping an eye on your submissions. The one that impresses us most, gets 2 tickets to our event. It’s pretty simple 🙂

What Are You Looking For?

Show us what Breaking Border means to you. Show us what YOU think makes McAllen special. Show us something that makes you a #Valleyite. Your photo and a quick caption should convey a message.

How Do I See Who Else is Posting?

Follow the hashtags #TEDxMcAllen and #Valleyite to keep an eye on the competition!

When Will You Announce Winners?

Probably the first week in September.

Rules? Guidelines?

Please keep it Family friendly. Nothing promoting:

Alcohol brands
Adult-oriented products/services
Energy companies

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