Who’s Ideas Inspire You?

What idea would they share if they had the chance, and how would that change the Valley?

As we close in on the last two weeks of nominating speakers for TEDxMcAllen, think about who has an “idea worth sharing”. While we have received a large amount of personal stories of success, commitment, and dedication, I’d like for you to think about who inspires you and WHY they inspire you. Who can you think of in the Valley that has inspired you to be better, do better, and help make this a better place? Who’s love for their community starts with an idea to make this a better place and make us a better people?

Is it your banker, your Mayor, your doctor? Maybe it’s the guy down the street who encourages you to vote or fixes kids’ bikes for free.

Let us know. If we select them, and we can amplify their ideas throughout our community, imagine what that could do for us all.

Nominate someone by clicking here, even if you don’t know ’em

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