We have 1 week to go before we close out our ticket applications! If you are thinking about attending TEDxMcAllen 2015, your application needs to be submitted this week. Once our ticket applications close, we will be making selections and awarding ticket opportunities to only those that registered.

Announcing The Sponsored Ticket Program

If you listened to our radio interviews this week, we announced some great information about ticket sponsorships.
How does it work? Check it out:

Each person that will receive an invite to purchase tickets will have the opportunity to purchase, or sponsor, tickets for those who have filled out the application, however feel that they might not be able to afford the $100 ticket price. We will be granting a handful of candidates who applied these sponsorships. Through the power of this idea we hope that this does two things:

  1. encourages everyone to apply, regardless of if you think you can afford the ticket price or not
  2. encourages those who have no issue purchasing their ticket to help affect change through lending a helping hand to those who may not have the means to attend

We think this is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy TEDxMcAllen, with some getting that extra feeling of contributing directly to the empowerment we are all so hungry for.

We don’t want anyone left out of this chance to make a difference.

Please fill out your ticket applications today, and we’ll see you at TEDxMcAllen!


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