Throughout the last week or so we have received tons of great messages regarding our event. Email, Facebook messages, texts, etc; the outpouring of support has been overwhelming! Our Facebook Event Page has over 560 people that want to attend our event. This is incredible.

So, the big question is, how do you get tickets to TEDxMcAllen?

I am going to copy and paste what is on our ticketing page here, because I think it does a pretty good job explaining it:

Tickets to our event will be very limited and hand-selected.

We see TEDxMcAllen as a two-part process: Part one is being selected to attend, part two is doing something with what you have learned.

We are striving to provide some of the absolute best stories, ideas, and thoughts worth sharing in our community. We want you to use that to change our community. Because of this we are being very selective of our audience. We understand this may ruffle some feathers, however if you believe enough in yourself to impact those around you, a simple application process won’t stand in your way.

In order to receive the ability to purchase tickets, we will have a ticket application process. This will require you to fill out an online form with some basic information which will give us an idea of who you are, what you contribute to our area, and how you will take what you have heard at TEDxMcAllen and use it to positively impact our community.

Information on the ticket application, the submission dates, and the ticket award dates coming soon.



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