For every one person that knows what TED, TEDx, and TEDxMcAllen are we are finding there are 10 who don’t. So we put together a quick overview for ya!


What is TEDxMcAllen?
TEDxMcAllen is an event that features 18 speakers whose “Ideas Worth Spreading” highlight some of the most progressive ways critical thinking and community interaction have changed the shape of the McAllen area and the Rio Grande Valley. Through these ideas we are forced to recognize how we view each other, how others view us, and how our image is perceived by the world around us. Here’s a one minute video:

Here’s another 1-minute video:


Wait, This is Like a Local Version of TEDTalks???!!
Yes, exactly. We are an official and approved licensee of TED. We are featuring people from our area who are sharing their ideas locally and then published online after the event for the world to see.

Who Are the Speakers?
We showcase a cross-section of speakers from the RIo Grande Valley who are putting into action infectious ideas. From some you may have heard to others you may not know, our speakers reflect the diversity and culture of our area. A full lineup is posted at
Here’s a quick clip of one of our speakers, Deborah Tomai:

When & Where is the Event?
Tuesday, October 6th from 8:00AM until 5:00PM in the Butterfly Room at the McAllen Convention Center, in McAllen, Texas,

How Do I Get Tickets?
You need to submit an application for tickets at first. Once approved, if you are selected to attend, we will offer you 2 $100 tickets. You have one week to purchase.

Apply for Tickets to TEDxMcAllen 2015

$100 a Ticket? Seriously?
Seriously. We want to make sure that you are taking this as passionately as your fellow attendees, your speakers, and your community expects you to. A $100 ticket investment is a way of committing to the event and letting us know that we have your attention.

What If I’m A Student, Non-Profit, or Don’t Have the Means to Attend?
We don’t want to discourage anyone from attending. Please fill out the ticket application and let us know at the end that you might not be able to afford a ticket. Every person who purchases tickets will have the opportunity to sponsor someone who cannot afford their own ticket. If you are chosen, and there is a sponsorship available, you can expect a very happy email.

More Questions?
Please email or post up on our Facebook page at and we’ll answer as soon as we can!

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