The graphic design elements that will be the core image for the TEDxMcAllen event will be designed by Black Koi 360 after a selection process of multiple local entries.

McAllen, TX: The TEDxMcAllen 2015 event board is pleased to announce that after an open Request for Proposal process, the Black Koi 360 Design Studio has been selected via award to provide the graphic design, messaging, and graphical elements to TEDxMcAllen. The theme of “Breaking Borders” is used as the theme for the event and proposals were solicited to define how to display that graphically throughout the event and the events leading up to it.

“We are extremely proud to work with Black Koi on this project. They were chosen after careful review of all submitted proposals as the concept and image that we felt best represented “breaking borders” and what that encompasses” said Drew Lentz, President of the Board and Curator for TEDxMcAllen.

TEDxMcAllen is an independently organized event licensed by TED.  The event strives to hold the ideals and maintain the quality that you would find at a TED event. The audience will be a sought after group of highly influential members of the greater McAllen community who are open to new ideas.

The theme of the 2015 event is Breaking Borders. While addressing our relation to the physical border shared with Mexico is discussed on a regular basis, a greater metaphoric border that our area, people, and personal relationships are crossing as our region is expanding commercially, technologically and culturally exists. The goal of TEDxMcAllen is to expose those borders and highlight ideas that have helped push past those boundaries.

One of the key elements used in identifying each individual event like TEDxMcAllen is the graphic representation of each theme. “We wanted to take our concept of Breaking Borders and build an image and brand around what we were trying to get across. I think what Black Koi produced was thought provoking and impactful through its simplicity while visually representing our message. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work” Mr. Lentz continued.

An open RFP process was made publicly available via online channels to any and all graphic artists from the surrounding area to submit and be a part of. “The goal was to be as inclusive as possible. We wanted to make sure we gave everyone we could a shot at this” noted Lucas Martinez, co-organizer and production manager for the event. “Giving everyone a shot at it allowed us to put a personal touch on the event and really give the community ownership of it.”

That effort of community ownership included the recently concluded call for speakers, where nominations for local ideas could be submitted for anyone in the area to the TEDxMcAllen website. “We’ve seen a great success when asking for community input. From the graphic and stage designers to the speaker nominations, the community has graciously shown their support for the event.” Mr. Martinez concluded.

TEDxMcAllen is set to take place Tuesday, October 6th. For updated and current venue and ticket information, please visit or email

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