Good morning everyone!

Our “Call for Speakers” as well as our Graphic and Stage Design RFPs are now closed. We received a tremendous amount of nominations for speakers and we now begin the process of curating who our speakers will be. Over the next 2 weeks we will be working to reach out to proposed speakers to see what their interest levels are, what their stroies are, and how we can best deliver those to you.

The process thus far has been more like plumbing than anything else; we are setting up the pipes to let the talent flow. The end of the proposal phase marks the beginning of turning on that flow.

We wanted to be as inclusive as possible, reaching out to as many as we could, with regards to this event. From the overall RFP process to asking for your nominations, we feel that we have given as much opportunity as possible for you to interact with us up until this point. We hope that you feel the same way and are encouraged to know that this event is not just about how we want to be represented to the world, but how you want to be represented to the world as well.

We will be announcing the winner of our Graphic Design award this Monday at 10:00AM via online channels as well as traditional press release.

Thank you to all of you who participated and contributed to helping us with this.

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