speaker nominations end in 1 week!

I can’t tell you how many times last year I heard someone say to me “you should’ve had so-and-so be a speaker!” My response was as it is today: If you think we should have someone on the stage, tell us about them. Please don’t assume that we are going to magically know who to pick as speakers. Without your recommendations, we cannot uncover some of the most magical and innovative stories in our area.

Nominate a speaker today: http://tedxmcallen.us/nominate

With one week to go to nominate speakers for TEDxMcAllen 2016, we are closing in on the first phase of our event completing. The most important thing that we can find to have a great event is the ideas that are worth sharing.

Who should you nominate? What makes a good speaker?

I like to ask people a simple question: who in the City inspires them to remain a resident of McAllen, and why? Who is doing something amazing that makes you proud to call this home?

We are looking for ideas that span the technology, engineering, and design sectors. It could be agriculture or medical technology, structure or architectural design, creating new things or finding new twists on old ideas through engineering, and so on.

Think about who you admire and who would benefit from hearing about this fantastic idea. Do they have to be a great speaker? Well, honestly, it doesn’t hurt, but our speaker rehearsals prep them pretty well to deliver their talk.

What do speakers get out of TEDxMcAllen?

Our platform provides the opportunity for the ideas the speakers have to really take flight. In our 2016 theme for the event, Home Grown, we want to put an emphasis on taking these ideas and treating them as you would a precious fruit-bearing plant. With the right balance of attention, cultivation, and fuel, the ideas presented can flourish throughout our community.

Since our 2015 event we have heard back from our speakers who have received numerous keynote speaking opportunities, article and writing requests, a book deal or two, and appointments to boards and committees to enable change in our area.

Nominations for speakers close on Sunday, April 10th at 11:59 p.m.

Nominate a speaker today: http://tedxmcallen.us/nominate


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