One of the greatest things that we have experienced through all of this has been an outpouring of support form people interested in our event. Organizing this undertaking seems to be an ever expanding task, and with the support of everyone, although it continues to accumulate mass faster than a rolling snowball, has been manageable with few setbacks. In an effort to make sure all of our t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted, we have decided to push our press conference and ticket applications back by a week.

We want to make sure that we get everyone the best information we can, and this extra week is sure to help out.

Our Press Conference is now scheduled for Monday, July 27th 2015 at 10:00AM at the McAllen Convention Center.
We will be releasing our speaker line-up, ticket information, and other general information about the event.

If you are or know a member of the press, please let them know. If you have questions, please contact

We appreciate your patience. Have an awesome end of the week and following weekend!


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