looking for ideas worth sharing

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone that took the time to nominate a speaker. We had close to double the amount of submissions that we had last year! Our job of finding Ideas Worth Spreading stems from your help!

It’s always tremendously exciting to see and hear the great and inspiring ideas that come from our fellow citizens! We are looking forward to reading through them to narrow down the file and present our list of 2016 speakers.

Now What? How to deliver an Idea.

Next in the process for us is to independently review each of the nominees and get an understanding of who they are and what they bring to our area. From here we will be reaching out to a first group and asking them to submit videos of themselves speaking so that we can see how they perform in front of a camera or audience. This next step is imperative to the process and it shows us not only who has an idea, but how passionate they are, how they describe it, and how infectious they can make it.

Our goal is to take the ideas presented to us through the nomination process and help the presenter figure out the best way to deliver the message with the most impact. However, if they can’t articulate the idea or give us a firm reasoning behind it, it makes it difficult for us to move it forward. Not everyone nominated will make it through, but that’s OK. Sometimes the timing isn’t right, and it may fit next year’s event better! We encourage everyone who nominated to nominate again next year if not chosen because it may be a perfect fit in 2017!

Thank your again to everyone who stepped up and sent in a submission. It is because of these ideas that we are able to produce TEDxMcAllen and build a great program!


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